• Meet Dave, Operations

    Meet Dave, Operations

    My passion is technology and gadgets, so I'm in the right job. I get regular training on new kit as the company invests, and then train up my colleagues. I’m a bit of a fault-finder - I like the challenge of getting the machines to deliver the goods for each job.

    Meet Dave from Air Business, Witney

  • Meet Emma, Client Services

    Meet Emma, Client Services

    The training programme is brilliant and I am so grateful for it. The courses I have done don’t just help me in my current role, but prepare me for future development. You might expect me to say this, but Quadrant has a really wonderful ethic.

    Meet Emma from Quadrant, Haywards Heath

  • Meet Colin,</br>Warehouse Operations

    Meet Colin,
    Warehouse Operations

    You are trusted to get on with your work – it’s not like a production line with someone standing over you. I like that. It can be hard at times, but it is a clean environment, enjoyable and we help each other out.

    Meet Colin from Air Business, Colchester

  • Meet Sam, Business Administrator

    Meet Sam, Business Administrator

    My role is great as it is so varied so there is never a dull moment around! The fact that the team is so friendly and supportive also makes Air Business a great place to work in general.

    Meet Sam from Air Business, St Albans

  • Meet Sarah, Data Bureau Manager

    Meet Sarah, Data Bureau Manager

    The workload is not constant, you need to react fast and that can bring stress with it. But I enjoy the challenge and achieving the results. Seeing my staff and our systems develop is incredibly rewarding.

    Meet Sarah from Air Business, St Albans

  • Meet Jan, Key Account Manager

    Meet Jan, Key Account Manager

    There’s a huge amount of knowledge within Air Business and we all work together as one big team, helping each other as the need arises.

    Meet Jan from Air Business, Witney

We are on the lookout for talented people to join us.

It’s the people at Air Business that set us apart. Sure, we have the latest systems, great facilities, and top-notch machinery, but without people who care and are willing to go beyond the job description we can’t provide fantastic customer service.

If you are hardworking, energetic, enthusiastic and in the end, just plain nice then you could be an Air Business person.

Email your cv to explaining what makes you special and why you think you fit the bill.

We want our people to be as good as they can be in their current role, but also prepared for the future as the business changes and grows. We ensure that everyone receives the training and development needed.

A few examples of roles we may recruit for:

  • Warehouse Operative
    Air Business (St Albans, Colchester, Witney)
  • Driver – Air Business
    (St Albans, Witney)
  • Data Bureau Administrator
    Air Business (St Albans)
  • Sales and Account Executive
    Air Business (St Albans)
  • Client Services Executive
    Air Business (St Albans),
    Quadrant (Haywards Heath)
  • Marketing Assistant
    Air Business (St Albans)
  • Customer Services
    Quadrant (Haywards Heath)
  • IT Programmer
    Quadrant (Haywards Heath)
  • Web Developer
    Quadrant (Haywards Heath)
  • Database Analyst
    Quadrant (Haywards Heath)