Email and SMS Campaigns: right message, right person, right time

Make sure your e-communications cut through the chatter. Digital marketing and online communications are pivotal in today’s world. Every day 200 billion emails ping around the world. There are four billion email accounts. We all receive on average 82 emails a day.* So how do your communications stay out of the spam folder and avoid being deleted without being read?

Whether your message is about renewals, invoices,  a customer’s account or a marketing communication, Quadrant will help you slice through the noise. If you are looking for your marketing emails and messages to stand out, we can help.  It may be a planned email campaign or a one-off SMS message campaign, our experience makes sure it gets to the right person at the right time.

From initial e-communications strategy, through to eye-catching design, to template development, Quadrant meets your individual needs. Testing, scheduling, integrating with your sub-domain, we can help you analyse how effective your campaign is and fine-tune it for the future. After all we manage over 12 million emails on behalf of clients each year.

A complete managed service across email and SMS communications, takes away the complexity and lets you benefit from our experience.

How Quadrant’s E-communications service can support your digital strategy

  • Your communications will be W3C compliant
  • All messages reviewed using ‘Spam Assassin’- you won’t end up in the junk folder
  • Tested against all major email clients
  • Sub-domain integration makes sure the message appears to come from your domain
  • Automated extraction and reporting on bounces and opt-out information
  • Choice of email and/or SMS delivery for campaigns
  • Transparency – did you achieve your goal? Our tracking analysis and reports shows the campaign effectiveness at a glance

If you are looking for out-house E-Communications support or would like to learn more about our digital communications services, please contact our dedicated and highly experienced team on
01444 445 517 or sales@airbusonline.com.

*Radicati email statistics report 2014-2018